Vehicle Wash/Water Treatment

It is becoming a new standard in service work that visitors to Dealership Service Departments can expect a clean vehicle when it is returned to them.

It is also a new standard for truck and bus fleets to be clean and attractive so as to present a positive impression of their companies to the travelling public.

It is also a new standard that Municipal Governments are demanding that the water used in keeping all these vehicles clean be treated and brought up to a certain standard before being discharged into the Municipal Sewer System.

Garage Supply Contracting is able to Sell, Install, and Service all the equipment needed for you to meet these new standards. From simple Wash Bays using Pressure Washer Systems, to larger Car, Truck, or Bus, Drive Through or Roll Over Automatic Wash Systems, as well as Water Recycling Equipment to match, we can do it all from start to finish to on-going Maintenance.

Pressure Washers

PSC Cleaning Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial-duty, high pressure pumping and cleaning equipment and provides engineered systems, from concept to finished product. We offer a comprehensive line of electrically heated, gas-fired, multi-stage, and newly introduced energy ...

Dealership/Fleet Car Wash

GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING is an authorized distributor, installer and service depot for all Belanger Washes. Our biggest seller for Dealerships and Fleets is the INSTA-KLEEN model summarized below.

Belanger's Insta-Kleen™ is a high ...

Bus and Truck Wash

GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING is an authorized distributor, installer and service depot for all WESTMATIC HEAVY DUTY WASH SYSTEMS.

Westmatic has changed the way the public transportation world cleans their transit systems.

With Westmatic, no part of the vehicle is left ...

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Regulations concerning what is going down the drain are getting tougher and stricter. GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING has all the means to help you maintain and stay ahead of any regulation by treating wastewater and/or process water into a clean reusable ...

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