Waste Water Treatment Systems

Regulations concerning what is going down the drain are getting tougher and stricter. GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING has all the means to help you maintain and stay ahead of any regulation by treating wastewater and/or process water into a clean reusable or drainable effluent.

GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING can provide custom environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions.  In order to reduce your ecological impact as well as your water costs, we highly recommend incorporating one of our extremely efficient and compact water treatment systems into your wash process.  Our Custom Water Recycling Systems and Water Purification System, from WESTMATIC and RGF will drastically reduce your water bills as well as your impact on the environment.

Water Recycling System enables water reclamation of up to 85%. In order to purify the 15% of the wastewater not recycled, the answer is Water Purification System. Without any chemical additives in the process, wastewater can reach a purification level of 99%. Once water leaves these systems, the water is clean and safe to proceed out into the sewage system.

Oil Water Separation Systems by ERE provides a Made in Canada solution to Oil contamination in waste water.

Spot Free Rinse Systems by PURCLEAN can be custom fit to handle any size car, bus or truck wash.