Bus and Truck Wash

GARAGE SUPPLY CONTRACTING is an authorized distributor, installer and service depot for all WESTMATIC HEAVY DUTY WASH SYSTEMS.

Westmatic has changed the way the public transportation world cleans their transit systems.

With Westmatic, no part of the vehicle is left untouched. We use a range of products, like overlapping high-density brushes and precision jetted spray nozzles, which cleans regardless of shape and size. For operators who are concerned with undercarriage maintenance, our chassis and wheel wash options target the vehicle's underside, which is extremely difficult to reach when using manual spray equipment.

We know keeping your fleet of trucks clean is a difficult task. Our job is to make this task easier for you in an efficient and effective manner. Our wash systems are incredibly versatile and customizable,

Westmatic's wash systems are state of the art and clean entire vehicles, even those hard to reach and delicate places, like corners, mirrors and high-arched fenders. Each system is safe, reliable and incredibly efficient. They're available in a variety of styles, (Drive-Though or Roll Over type systems). Each including a two-brush option, a three brush option and a high pressure, touchless option.