Automotive Dealership Facility Design

Whether you are building a new dealership or renovating an existing facility, we have the ability to work within your existing blueprints or create an entirely new design, and arrive at a total package price for all systems within those plans.

We offer one-stop-shop service and can supply and install all the systems within your plans including hoists, alignment and tire equipment, compressed air, pressure washers, vacuums, oil and antifreeze storage (for new and waste), automatic oil delivery, exhaust, work stations and benches, and can stock room shelving according to your plans. We are also available to install or build office space and washrooms, and provide services such as painting your shop, installing flooring, and installing trench drains. We have the team to deliver and execute your plans from start to finish, and have provided these services for all car and truck manufacturers using our own technicians and equipment.


Our Products

At Garage Supply we sell only the highest quality and most reliable equipment in the market place.  We strive to sell only brand name North American or European made automotive facility products.  Our past knowledge of repair frequency and equipment failures has led us to this policy of not offering cheap off shore equipment to our valued customers.  In this industry you do indeed “get what you pay for.”